When you need Mac help, who do you call?

It wasn’t a mistake.

When you decided on the Macintosh platform for your home or business you made an insanely great decision. As a matter of fact, Mac desktops represented nearly half of all desktops sold at US retail shops in October 2009. You’re in good company.

So why trust your investment to some shop full of PC geeks who’ve hired one token “Mac Guy?” (He’s not really a “Mac Guy,” by the way. At least not by real “Mac Guy” standards.)

At MacExcellence, we’ve been quietly serving the needs of New York Macintosh users for almost 20 years, and…

We’re geeky about getting things right.

That’s why all clients, from the largest enterprise to the smallest in-home tech call, are afforded the same exceptional level of service, attention to detail, and guarantee of satisfaction. That’s just the way we do business.

There’s no charge to talk. 718.721.2227

Call us today to discuss your Macintosh™ support needs, and discover for yourself why so many New Yorkers are relying on MacExcellence for everything from QuickTek™ support calls to software training, server installations and large OS migration initiatives.

With 20 years of Macintosh experience, it pays to call us first.